Posted on May 8, 2014

Monte Conero

The Riviera of Monte Conero a special place where beautiful white pebble beach’s meet the crystal waters of the Adriatic.

Portonovo immersed in the splendid company of nature. With a few hotels, restaurants, villas and camping,

Portonovo really has all the services anybody could think of, and why wouldn’t it? It’s where the locals go, so if you want to escape the "European tourist" Portonovo is a must to visit. Perhaps best recognized for its outstanding fish restaurants, the famous "Rosso Conero" wine, the small salt water lakes, la Torre di Guardia built in 700 for defense against pirates, the Fortino napoleonico which has now been converted into a hotel, and the beautiful church "chiesetta" of S.Maria.

Recommended Conero Restaurants

 Il Molo - Fish Restaurant - 071.801040

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