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Le Marche (14)

The secret of the attractiveness of Le Marche region lays in the variety of landscapes Le Marche can offer: from the turquoise Adriatic Sea to the high Apennine mountains. One of the Marches’ greatest qualities is that this region is not one of mass tourism’s favourite destinations, offering an enriching human scale experience within the surrounding of its spectacular natural environment.

Central Italy has much more to offer than just the fascinating cities of Siena or Florence and the Tuscan countryside around them. People are now discovering the eastern region of central Italy, Le Marche which now, with daily direct flights from London Stansted to  Ancona's Airport, has become even easier to reach.

Whether you are searching for masterpieces of architecture or art, walk across wild suggestive mountains, fish in a Mediterranean port or lay quietly on a lovely beach, the Marche has enough to offer and you will rarely have to run away from noisy tourists.

The happy few who have already discovered Le Marche predict that it will become ‘the new Tuscany’ or ‘the next Umbria’ but Le Marche has its own unique combination of qualities which provide for an unforgettable experience. The varied and seductive marchegiani landscapes range from the rugged Montefeltro hills of northern Marche, down through golden wheat fields and green hills topped by medieval villages, to the dramatic peaks of the Monti Sibillini – the highest and most beautiful stretch of the Apennines.

The Le Marche region is fringed with the golden beaches of the Adriatic coast. Marche’s history encompasses ancient Romans, renaissance courtiers, warring dukes and noble tribes like the Piceni. Today the Marches boasts two of Italy’s premier opera festivals, at Macerata and Pésaro.

Senigallia's fascination and fame are due to its sea and its blond and boundless beach: this is the reason why it is known as the "velvet beach". Senigallia or Sinigaglia is a comune and port town on Italy's Adriatic coast, 25 km by rail north of Ancona, in the Marche region, province of Ancona. The small port is formed by the lower reaches of the Misa, a stream which flows through the town between embankments constructed of Istrian marble.

More information about Senigallia in Le Marche Italy

The original name of the town was Montalboddo, then in the 1881 the name was changed in Ostra, like the ancient roman city located near the modern town of Ostra.

Ostra is a town and commune of Marche, Italy, near the modern Ostra Vetere, south-east of Senigallia. The origins of Ostra are lost in a remote past full of legends and traditions, mystery and folklore, facts and discoveries. The fact that until 1881 the town was called Montalboddo or Monte Bodio certainly gives rise to ambiguity. According to legend, after the battle in 410 AD when the town was destroyed by the Visigoths, the population of Ostra fled to the hills owned by the citizen Bodio, stayed there and built a new village (hence the name Monte Bodio). Besides legend, excavations and discoveries confirm, however, that the ancient Monte Bodio in fact descended from an Roman Municipium called Ostra, and once the authenticity of the artefacts had been ascertained, the town council decided, at the end of the XIX° century, to give the town back its noble, original name: Ostra. The signs left by history are a few centuries more recent, dating back to medieval times when written documentation showed that Ostra (or rather, Monte Bodio) belonged to the Exarcate of Ravenna.

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Osimo is situated in the vally of Musone, the name osimo origanally comes from the roman name Auximum. You can find wonders such as "la fonte Magna, The "chiesa di San Marco" . Within short distances of Ancona and auto strada A14, getting anywhere is quick and easy. For more information go to the comune's website (Italiano)

The Riviera of Monte Conero a special place where beautiful white pebble beach’s meet the crystal waters of the Adriatic.

Portonovo immersed in the splendid company of nature. With a few hotels, restaurants, villas and camping,

Portonovo really has all the services anybody could think of, and why wouldn’t it? It’s where the locals go, so if you want to escape the "European tourist" Portonovo is a must to visit. Perhaps best recognized for its outstanding fish restaurants which are open almost all year round, famous "Rosso Conero" wine, the small salt water lakes, la Torre di Guardia built in 700 for defense against pirates, the Fortino napoleonico which has now been converted into a hotel, and the beautiful church "chiesetta" of S.Maria.

Recommended Conero Restaurants

 Il Molo - Fish Restaurant - 071.801040

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Ancona Falconara Airport was named after Raffaello Sanzio, the great Renaissance painter, born in the nearby town of Urbino. It is situated strategically in the centre of Italy, in an area which includes Ancona Railway station and harbour and Falconara Railway and goods stations as well as the new multi-mode transport centre Interporto. A viaduct connects Raffaello Sanzio Airport with the motorways for Rome, Milan and Bari. 20 minutes by car to the centre of Ancona.

Taxi PRICE [Link]

Airport Taxi Service: ++39 071 918221
Falconara Station Taxi Service: ++39 071 910919
Ancona Station Taxi Service: ++39 071 43321

Ancona Falconara Airport attended car park

With a capacity of over a 100 vehicles and a 24 hour paying car park, with a car park attendant.

Free for the first 30 minutes.

Fees for paying car park PRICE Link: ++39 071 9188963

Renting a car at Ancona airport

++39 071 9188805 - 071 42624 (so far the company with the best rates)

++39 071 203100 / 9162240 - 0335 7189588

++39 071 2073798 - 071 41314

++39 071 44241 - 0336 269442

++39 071 2868700 - 071 9156017

Train Services Falconara

Falconara Ancona Airport offers a direct railway service between CASTELFERRETTI STATION (in front of the Airport terminal) and Ancona station. From Ancona it is possible to reach various national and international destinations.

For specific information regarding train times and destinations, please consult the Italian Railway Service's official timetable.

Bus Services Falconara

A regular bus service, provided by the CONERO bus line connects the airport with Ancona and Falconara.

Tickets are available from the Newsagency in the Airport terminal building.

A comune in the Province of Ancona of the region of Le Marche,Italy.

A beautiful medieval town positioned on a hill top with 360 panorama of Le Marche. Corinaldo is a walled town with lots of little shops all the main services can be found to.

The famous Verdicchio wine is still made around Corinaldo and the festival of the witches, from the 28th of october to the 31st.

Not to miss is the main church Chiesa Sagostino in Corinaldo.

More information about Corinaldo (Italian)

A secret stage that overlooks le Marche full of history and culture Cingoli has to be one of the most ideal areas for people buying property, with it's high position plus being close to the coast you really can get the best of both worlds, property is still very much affordable unlike the "golden strip" of the Adriatic coast where cost of buying a property has almost doubled in a couple of years.

Within short distances of Macerata and the super strada s.s76 getting anywhere is quick and easy.

Cingoli boasts many spectacular panoramic views and a beautiful main square with majestic arches at the top of the town, walking around the renaissance buildings you could be mistaken for traveling back in time, along with every kind of shop and service you could ever need, with friendly natives, isn't it time you explored the balcony of the Marches?

Castelfidardo is situated on top of a hill with separates the vally of Aspio from the vally of Musone, not far from the coast. The town is world famous for its making of musical instruments in particular the "fisarmonica, organi e le pianole" (piano accordion or squeeze box). Castelfidardo has a international museum dedicated to the piano accordion.

Castelfidardo takes it name from a ancient castle of which now only remains the Door way (restored) and part of the town wall.

To visit: Museo del Risorgimento

A comune in the Province of Ancona of the region of Le Marche, Italy. Arcevia is located about 535 metres above sea level, on a hill overlooking the valley of the Misa river, about 50 km south-west from its provincial and regional capital, Ancona. Apart from the town of Arcevia proper, the territory of the comune di Arcevia (126.5 km²) also contains the smaller frazioni of San Giovanni Battista, Prosano, Avacelli, Castiglioni, Colle Aprico, Magnadorsa, Montale, Piticchio, San Ginesio, Santa Apollinare, Ripalta, Nidastore, Loretello, San Pietro in Musio, Palazzo, Caudino, Costa, and Santo Stefano.

Arcevia borders the following municipalities: Barbara, Castelleone di Suasa, Genga, Mergo, Montecarotto, Pergola, Rosora, San Lorenzo in Campo, Sassoferrato, Serra de' Conti, and Serra San Quirico.

With the airport near Ancona only 45 minutes drive away and the sandy beaches of the Adriatic only 30 minutes drive away Aprio can be classed as one of the best places to buy property in the part of Le Marche.

Property prices are cheaper than the coast and Apiro has all the main services including a super market, hotel, petrol station and many other little shops, some of the most outstanding restaurants are to be found in and around Apiro, good food, good wine and healthy living.

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