Abruzzo Rural Property

at Abruzzo Rural Property

  • Agent License: CH-179740
  • Tax Number: 02626540690
  • Service Areas: Abruzzo (Chieti province, Pescara province), Molise (Campobasso province, Isernia province)
  • Specialties: Rural and country houses

Property Types

  • 55% Town House
  • 21% Country House
  • 17% Villa
  • 7% Other

Property Status

  • 100% For sale

Property Cities

  • 55% Chieti
  • 41% Campobasso
  • 3% Pescara

About Abruzzo Rural Property

Abruzzo Rural PropertyRegistered Real Estate Agency in Abruzzo and Molise regions, Italy
– About the Agency –
Abruzzo Rural Property has been selling properties to international clients since 2012. With hundreds of successfully sealed contracts with buyers from all over the world, we feel confident that our expertise, honest and friendly approach and continual improvement process is a guarantee for foreign buyers approaching the Italian property market.
We offer a large selection of character properties such as stone houses, historic buildings, farmhouses, traditional Italian family houses, villas or country houses, all situated in beautiful locations with fantastic panoramic views.
The agency is based in San Salvo, a coastal town in Abruzzo bordering the Molise region. This strategic location permits us to work in both regions.
Abruzzo Rural Property has participated in several property shows in the US and international TV programs.
– Our Team –
We all speak English at Abruzzo Rural Property! Monia, the founder, has formed a team of independent English-speaking professionals, such as architects, surveyors, contractors and a well established notary.
We always visit and thoroughly check all the properties listed, therefore when we receive an enquiry about a property, the reply comes from someone who has visited the property and knows all its pros and cons.
– Our Approach to Clients –
ARP provides all clients with a tailor-made service according to specific needs and requirements. Every enquiry is dealt with on a personal basis with the aim of establishing precisely what the specifications are, thus avoiding loss of time and unnecessary expenses. Clients are guided step by step in their property search but also in discovering the characteristic villages and towns in the area of interest.
We are aware that our clients are new to the process of buying a house in Italy, for this reason we put a lot of effort into trying to explain everything in detail, with patience and dedication. We are here to provide an answer to all your questions from the taxation to buy a property in Italy to the internet provider that better works in a specific area.
– The Way we Work –
Once a sale has been agreed upon, the client will be guaranteed assistance throughout the entire purchasing process, all the necessary documents such us tax codes, bank accounts, property surveys, legal translations, will be provided.
– After the Purchase –
Our assistance will continue to be available even after the purchase has gone through, offering our clients a vast range of after purchase services.
– Restoration Service –
Some of the properties we sell need renovation or in certain cases complete restoration. The best way to proceed is to ask local contractors, for this reason we do not have our own in-house surveyors, architects or contractors, but we have a large network of established local professionals who will be ready to provide estimates. This way you can choose what is better for you in terms of prices and skills.
– What Clients Say –
We are very glad to have so many satisfied clients. If you wish to ask for feedback from clients who have purchased with us, feel free to join our Facebook page to contact the clients who have left a review.

Language: English, Spanish

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