Central Italy has much more to offer

  • 3 years ago
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The secret of the attractiveness of Le Marche region lays in the variety of landscapes Le Marche can offer: from the turquoise Adriatic Sea to the high Apennine mountains.

One of the Marches’ greatest qualities is that this region is not one of mass tourism’s favourite destinations, offering an enriching human scale experience within the surrounding of its spectacular natural environment.

Central Italy has much more to offer than just the fascinating cities of Siena or Florence and the Tuscan countryside around them. People are now discovering the eastern region of central Italy, Le Marche which now, with daily direct flights from London Stansted to Ancona’s Airport, has become even easier to reach.

Whether you are searching for masterpieces of architecture or art, walk across wild suggestive mountains, fish in a Mediterranean port or lay quietly on a lovely beach, the Marche has enough to offer and you will rarely have to run away from noisy tourists.

The happy few who have already discovered Le Marche predict that it will become ‘the new Tuscany’ or ‘the next Umbria’ but Le Marche has its own unique combination of qualities which provide for an unforgettable experience. The varied and seductive marchegiani landscapes range from the rugged Montefeltro hills of northern Marche, down through golden wheat fields and green hills topped by medieval villages, to the dramatic peaks of the Monti Sibillini – the highest and most beautiful stretch of the Apennines.

The Le Marche region is fringed with the golden beaches of the Adriatic coast. Marche’s history encompasses ancient Romans, renaissance courtiers, warring dukes and noble tribes like the Piceni. Today the Marches boasts two of Italy’s premier opera festivals, at Macerata and Pésaro.

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