Incredible scenery, endless rows of vineyards & quaint villages

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There are few places in Europe that combines the natural beauty, history, and elegance of Tuscany in Italy.

From the incredible scenery, endless rows of vineyards, quaint villages that were founded in the middle ages, and the cypress trees that dot the landscape, Tuscany is a place that evokes a romantic feel amid calm surroundings.

It’s little wonder that Tuscany has become a popular tourist attraction, but for many who visit the idea of living in this paradise is one that they deeply consider and for good reasons. If you are considering purchasing property for sale in Tuscany Italy, there is much to look forward to when living in this most remarkable region. Here are five outstanding locations that you can visit to see the true beauty of Tuscany.

If you love wine, then the celebrated vineyards of Chianti, which are located between Siena and Florence is the place for you. The landscape is unforgettable and there are many places to taste and purchase wine from Chianti that makes it home for the wine-lover in you. This ancient town located on a hill is one of the most striking sights in all of Tuscany. You can see Lago Trasimeno along with the plain of Valdichiana from the village which provides an unforgettable view. Featured in the film, “Under the Tuscan Sun”, Cortona became a highly popular tourist attraction and to this day remains one of the most visited locations in all of Italy. One of the last untouched, natural coastlines in Italy, Monti dell’Uccellina is one of the most beautiful of all places in Tuscany. You can wander through the hills that are covered in forests, the open interior of the countryside, and the remarkable coastal plains which makes for unforgettable stay. If you live in Tuscany, then visiting this paradise is relatively easy and makes for a great place to bring family and friends.

The fifteen medieval towers of San Gimignano create a remarkable skyline which is unmatched in all of Tuscany. There are plenty of visitors to this location, which is understandable given its beauty and remarkable history which you can see when walking down its streets. Located in Florence, the home of the Renaissance, the Uffizu holds the finest collection of art in all of Italy from that period. You can view the masterpieces in the collection and marvel at their beauty. Because the Uffizu recently underwent a major expansion that doubled its size, it will take more than one trip to see all of what this location has to offer. Of course, you can always visit Pisa and take photos pretending that you are holding up the famous leaning tower. Tuscany is not just a great place to visit, but to live as there is a never-ending series of locations and events for you to do. For those who are thinking about buying property for sale in Tuscany Italy, the good news is that there is a lifetime of activities and enjoyment that are awaiting you in this special part of the world.  

Photography: Alfons Taekema

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