Legendary locations inside Umbria

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Located in the middle of the Italian “boot”, Umbria is one of the most storied locations in the entire country.

Offering a combination of wonderful history with exceptional natural beauty, Umbria is not only a wonderful place to visit, but to live as well. It’s little wonder that there is so much property for sale in Umbria Italy thanks to the excellent, year-round climate and the many things to do when living in this part of the country.

Here are five legendary locations inside Umbria that you must visit if you decide to buy a home. They are perfect places to take family and friends when they visit you in Umbria.

Casa Romana

Located in Spoleto, this Roman house is believed to have been the home of Emporer Vespasian’s mother and was spared destruction when the empire fell. Built around an atrium which offers a large water reserve that only makes the area more beautiful. Casa Romana sits on a hilltop and creates a tremendous image of beauty, charm, and elegance which helps to define what Umbria has to offer.

Lungarotti Winery

If you love wine, then you must visit this winery located in Torgiano, Perugia. Established by Giorgio Lungarotti back in the early 1960s, the winery itself is set amid some of the most splendid countryside in all of Italy. You can receive a guided tour of this remarkable winery and sample some of its most treasured products.

Orvieto Cathedral

Simply one of the most beautiful structures in the world, the Orvieto Cathedral was constructed during the 14th century and combines classic Gothic architecture with Romanesque element to create a one-of-a-kind structure that draws tourists from around the world. The cathedral itself is still in good condition and both the interior and exterior offer those visiting hours of enjoyment viewing this remarkable building.

Perugina Chocolate Factory

If your tastes run more to the sweets, then you’ll enjoy living within driving distance of the famed Perugina Chocolate Factory. You can watch those working at the factory in action as they create all sorts of delectable delights and you can visit the museum as well. The chocolate factor offers tasty treats and makes the perfect place to visit for family and friends who are traveling through the area.

St. Francis of Assisi Basilica

Built in 1228, this is one of the most historic churches in all of Italy. The basilica itself is a striking structure that dominates the landscape and is well worth a visit. Fill with frescoes painted over the centuries by medieval artists, if you love history, then the basilica is a must-see when living in Umbria.

There are many locations in Umbria that make for the perfect weekend getaway if you live in the region. It’s little wonder that so many people are seeking homes in this part of Italy thanks to its central location and numerous places to visit. If you are considering purchasing property for sale in Umbria Italy, keep in mind the many advantages that living in this part of the country offers for you and your family.

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